Finally a quick and easy management tool for lawyers!

Manage your clients and invoices easily

A complete management tool for lawyers and firms. WonderTrack is a quick and powerful management tool for lawyers. Whether you are an independent lawyer or a large international firm, WonderTrack allows you to track your cases and bill for them very easily.

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Available on all platforms (desktop, phone, tablet, etc.)

The tool is designed to be used just as simply on all types of screens. There is no software to install or application to update. WonderTrack is available anywhere.

Fully customizable

Customize your invoices using our default templates or by creating your own templates. You can adjust everything to suit your firm's colors and corporate identity, all on your own.

Global scale

WonderTrack is already available in 23 countries and allows cases and invoices to be managed in all currencies.

Lawyers first

We think that managing a firm is a matter for lawyers and not for computer programmers or accountants. WonderTrack is an ultra-simple site to use. We've eliminated any useless or time-consuming complexities, so it only takes a few minutes to start using WonderTrack.

Ultra secure

WonderTrack uses the strictest security standards. Your data is encrypted from end to end, and our servers can only be accessed by SSL2 protocol. No one can see your firm's information, except you.